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The Adventures of Roscoe The Rottweiler
Roscoe Gets A New Home

When Roscoe learned he was leaving the farm he became incredibly sad. He did not want to leave his friends but after meeting Ms. Danielle his whole world changed…

Meet Roscoe The Rottweiler as he takes you on a Delightfully Fun Tale of Family, Home and Happily Ever Afters.

The vivid illustrations and friendly characters will keep children entertained for hours. A definite must have for overnight trips to Grandma’s.

A Word From the Author & CEO: Susan Wade

Hi, I’m Susan Wade, Founder and CEO of Swade Publishing Company. I am also a self-published author. I started Swade Publishing after writing my first book, Roscoe the Rottweiler. Roscoe Gets a New Home. Starting my own publishing company allows me to self-publish my books as well as other authors.

 I have always enjoyed writing but being a publisher came with a little more effort. But now that I am doing both, I find both equally rewarding. I have been reading, joining book clubs, and telling stories since I was very young. I remember as early as third grade writing book reports for fun.

I always read to my younger sister and now I am reading to children all different grade levels. I have also been asked by adults when is my next book, they can’t wait to see what other adventures Roscoe will get into. This is the greatest feeling for someone who loves to write and tell stories. This tells me that my work is ageless and enjoyed by all.

Swade publishing believes in developing or enhancing the readers imagination; after all, to read is to imagine.

Susan Wade is a first-time author and native of Detroit Michigan. She is also a Mother and Grandmother.

Susan Wade
Publisher, Author and Speaker.

What Readers Are Saying

We are so grateful for our customers and love hearing your feedback! Here are some of the wonderful reviews we have received on Amazon.

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A fun story that engages the imagination

What grabs you from the first page are the vibrant illustrations. I bought this book for my 15-month old niece who right away grabbed at the pages and pointed at the vividly drawn characters. Then as you go through the book, you realize it’s a sweet story about facing the unknown–and before you know it, you’re enjoying the book just as much as the little ones! All I can say is be prepared to read it over and over again, because it will quickly become a bedtime favorite.

The favorite aunt

A delightful story

I don’t normally write reviews, but this book was just simply adorable. I came upon Roscoe The Rottweiler while looking for a book for my young niece. It really caught my eye especially with the author being from Detroit, where I grew up. The story was delightful and easy to follow. The illustrations were beautiful. My niece truly enjoyed the book. I hope the author will pen another book of Roscoe’s adventures for my niece and other children to enjoy.


My Daughter Absolutely Loves this Book!

The Adventures of Roscoe the Rottweiler is an AMAZING read. My daughter LOVES this book and repeatedly asks us to read it to her. She also asks her Grandad (in picture) to read it to her when she visits with him.
We can’t wait to see what comes next from this author:)

Amazon Customer

Wonderful book!

It is so well written! I love reading it to my grandchildren when they stay the night! The story is so heartwarming it makes me want to buy a dog!

Arella Talley

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